Invest your $ETH, gain Returns on our Profits!

Invest your $ETH, Daily Returns on Profits we Make - highest returns on the market!

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How to play Bank of Eth

Bank of Eth is a Ethereum Banking game which allows you to invest Ethereum into our provably fair smart-contract in return for a share of all profits made.

Every $ETH you submit into the smart contract it is split as follows:

80% Into your Investment Fund
10% Marketing, Admin & Development costs of mainting the BankofEth
10% Profit Fund - the largest profit split on the market!

We've halved the withdrawel fees!

When you withdraw your investment the same set of fees apply (10% goes to the marketing, admin & dev fund and 10% into the daily profit funds)... but if you only choose to withdraw or reinvest your dividends then no fee apply!

We have now halved the withdrawel fee to make BankOfEth even more efficient for your investment! When you choose to withdraw your investment now you will only be charged a 10% fee in total!!! This is split 5% to the Profit Fund and 5% to the Marketing, Admin & Dev fund.... the lowest in the market!

The Profit Fund is then split every day between all investors proportionally to the amount they have investors... the more you invest - the more you gain!

Your Dividends are available daily - just wait 24 hours after your first investment to see how much you've earned and can then withdraw if you wish - or keep in the system for more profit!

Example Returns on Investment (ROI)

Because BankOfEth offers the biggest profit split of any other dApp on the market we offer a extremely quick RoI as you can see from the example below:

Initial Investment: 0.05 $ETH

Day Your Investment Value Total Daily Investments Total Investment Pot Value Total Daily Profit Your Share of Profit You Could Exit For
1 0.04 10 / 0.4 $ETH 0.4 $ETH 0.05 $ETH 0.005 $ETH 0.036 $ETH
2 0.045 10 / 0.4 $ETH 0.8 $ETH 0.05 $ETH 0.005 $ETH 0.0405 $ETH
3 0.0478 10 / 0.4 $ETH 1.2 $ETH 0.05 $ETH 0.005 $ETH 0.043 $ETH
4 0.0498 10 / 0.4 $ETH 1.6 $ETH 0.05 $ETH 0.005 $ETH 0.0448 $ETH
5 0.05136 10 / 0.4 $ETH 2 $ETH 0.05 $ETH 0.005 $ETH 0.0462 $ETH
6 0.0526 10 / 0.4 $ETH 2.4 $ETH 0.05 $ETH 0.005 $ETH 0.0474 $ETH
7 0.0537 10 / 0.4 $ETH 2.8 $ETH 0.05 $ETH 0.005 $ETH 0.0483 $ETH
8 0.0547 10 / 0.4 $ETH 3.2 $ETH 0.05 $ETH 0.005 $ETH 0.0492 $ETH
9 0.0555 10 / 0.4 $ETH 3.6 $ETH 0.05 $ETH 0.005 $ETH 0.05001 $ETH
10 0.0563 10 / 0.4 $ETH 4 $ETH 0.05 $ETH 0.005 $ETH 0.0507 $ETH
11 0.0570 10 / 0.4 $ETH 4.4 $ETH 0.05 $ETH 0.005 $ETH 0.0513 $ETH
Break even at day 9!

And that is even without re-investing back your dividends or further $ETH to increase your share-holding!

Fair, sustainable funding model

Because we offer rewards based on this formula (And NOT on a guareented return for life like some other dApps!) we have calculated and modelled that this is the most sustainable and secure way for playing!

We've verified and made our contract available for audit from day 1 - to ensure you get a fair game!

View Verified Contract at Etherscan

More Profits!

There is more - we also feed the daily profits from all other games we develop now and in the future. All dApps feed into the Bank of Eth at the same 5% rate EACH DAY and you will receive the same cut!

Don't delay - get in early for regular payouts!


We offer a wopping 3% referral bonus when you refer someone to! So when someone follows your Master Node link (Below) you will earn a full 3% of their first investment... so if they invest 1 ETH for example you would instanly earn a bonus of 0.03 ETH!

It's easy to refer people on... make sure you have your Ethereum Wallet connected and then share the link below:

Your Referral Master Node Link

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If you already are using a Ethereum browser or wallet please ensure you are logged into your account and using the Mainnet - and then refresh this page.

The main game features will be disabled, and no game stats will be displayed until you connect.

Contact us if you need any help:  -  -  https://twitter/BankOfEth  -

Withdraw Investment

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It does not contain your dividends/profit - which are not taxed! You should withdraw these or reinvest them using the relavant button.

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Reinvesting these dividends will move them into your Investment fund - allowing you to gain a larger share of future profits

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Games Room Coming Soon!

We are putting the final touches to the games room and they'll be here shortly!

Remember - as well as earning income from the bank profits you will also earn profit for every game we launch here too!!

Contact us if you need any help:  -  -  https://twitter/BankOfEth  -